Synergize Yourself!


Like I said, SYNERGIZE YOURSELF! We all want to be successful right? Whether it’s our careers or our personal life we want great things but what is the best route? Alone? or Together?

While I believe some journey’s should be traveled alone your beauty journey should not!  Don’t do your hair alone! Don’t wax yourself! Don’t resort to guessing when selecting a regime for your hair or skin! And don’t take on the beauty industry alone as a stylist or skin care professional.

Yes I know getting your hair done professionally can be expensive or what’s more expensive is a color correction.  No one is saying that you can not box color but don’t just run out and buy whatever looks good….talk to a professional. A great stylist will point you in the right direction and save you from a disaster!   I have several clients that are on tight budgets for one reason or another and can only afford a haircut with me two to three times a year.  I understand that situation all too well!  As a professional stylist I happily help them make box color purchases. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do.  Whether I cut, color or even just deep condition your hair, you are ultimately wearing my business card on your head.  People will ask “who does your hair” and if I am treating you right you will simply answer “Nikki, I can give you her card!”.  And often when the financial situation allows they will come to me for color services or better yet they send friends and family to me, building my business.  It’s a win win, it’s synergy!  I take care of you and you take of me.

So my advice to everyone is have a great team!

If you are a beauty consumer you should have the following team members:

~An Esthitician or Skin Care professional who will listen to your needs, helps you make purchases that fit your budget and answers your questions.

~A Professional Stylist that not only creates a great head of hair for you but teaches you how to recreate it at home, answers all your questions to the best of their knowledge and doesn’t hoard tips and tricks for great hair.

~Reputable online resources! I am the Queen of Pinterest (Self-proclaimed) and let me tell you that just because it’s on Pinterest doesn’t mean it’s great….do your research and follow professionals whenever you can!

If you are a beauty pro your team line-up should look like this:

~Mentors!!!!  It is so important to have mentors in this industry…shoot everyone should have mentors!  The best part about mentors is that they can be from all walks of life!  They don’t need to do the same job as you. They just need to be someone that provides sound advice on the fundamentals of life, someone that give you a sense of direction when you get lost and someone that knows the exact moment to say “it’s going to be ok!”.

~A Professional Photographer to help you build a great portfolio.  I have several photographers that I collaborate with and it only costs my time because we have a TFP (trade for print) agreement. (I’ll guide through some helpful contract/agreement forms later).

~A Skin Care Professional and Stylist!  You have an image to uphold as a beauty professional and it can be expensive so find people that you can trade services with.  I have a stylist and a massage therapist that I work with. (I’ll go more in depth on effective trading in a later blog).

~Reputable Vendors! Align yourself with vendors that can assist you in growing your business and in turn be great referrals to your clients.  I have made it appoint to introduce myself to local real estate agents, barbers, fitness trainers, teachers/PTA, and small business owners like boutiques, jewelry stores and coffee shops.(Patience my pretty, I will have a blog about business to business marketing aka B2B)

Don’t rush! Take your time building your dream team and creating your synergy!


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